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Understand Today, Plan For a Better Tomorrow with Process Intelligence

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Businesses don’t run on anecdotes – you need the ability to make data-driven decisions. FortressIQ uses an AI-driven method to capture and share information that enables organizations to confidently address business transformation challenges and process excellence. Join FortressIQ for our live webinar & demo to see how we automatically surface the data you need and help you quickly apply it.

FortressIQ delivers a real-time, data-driven map of your business to help you uncover transformational process insights – across all applications, through each department, and for every single task.

Instead of spending millions of dollars and quarter after quarter trying to understand your business at the DNA level, FortressIQ uncovers detailed insights at scale with automatic, continuous, and intelligent acquisition of process data covering every system in your enterprise. Read more in our Product Brief.

No matter what stage of the transformation journey you’re in, or what process optimization goals you have, a thorough understanding of your business processes is critical for success.

Enterprise Benefits

Capture processes up to 90% faster

Automatically generate documentation to create your transformation roadmap

Easily capture 100% application coverage across your enterprise

Frictionless deployment in minutes with no integrations or log files required

Learn more about how FortressIQ enables accurate, automated process discovery in just a few weeks. Download the Product Brief now!