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Adapt to Healthcare Disruption with FortressIQ

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Businesses don’t run on anecdotes – you need the ability to make data-driven decisions. FortressIQ uses an AI-driven method to capture and share information that enables organizations to confidently address business transformation challenges and process excellence. Join FortressIQ for our live webinar & demo to see how we automatically surface the data you need and help you quickly apply it.

The effects of the pandemic may be receding, but continued healthcare disruption shows no signs of abatement. Simultaneous pressures to digitize, innovate, and scale your administration are being exacerbated by increasingly demanding patients, faster and more agile vendors, and constantly shifting healthcare business models and trends in payer preferences.

Process optimizations and adjustments are required, but moving forward with incomplete or incorrect information can cause even more problems. FortressIQ quickly decodes work at every level, with no bias or blind spots, and no gaps. Download the Solution Brief to learn more.

FortressIQ Process Intelligence delivers real-time, data-driven insights to create a detailed map of your healthcare business—across all applications, through each department, and for every process. This intelligence enables informed decisions as you optimize the tasks powering your complex and cross functional revenue cycle.

Is FortressIQ Right for You?

Reduce time-to-value on your RPA investment

Leverage your existing technology investments

Maximize workforce productivity

Reduce operating expenses

Optimize your business outcomes

Learn more about how we enable accurate, automated process discovery in just a few weeks in our Solution Brief.