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How FortressIQ Helps CPG Decode Work With Process Intelligence

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Businesses don’t run on anecdotes – you need the ability to make data-driven decisions. FortressIQ uses an AI-driven method to capture and share information that enables organizations to confidently address business transformation challenges and process excellence. Join FortressIQ for our live webinar & demo to see how we automatically surface the data you need and help you quickly apply it.

The CPG industry is experiencing a once-in-a-generation transformation driven by a massive move to ecommerce, the exposed fragility of supply chains and logistics, new entrants and competitors, and the battle for consumer mindshare. But, only those CPG firms that understand how their business works today will transform and emerge in a stronger position tomorrow.

With FortressIQ you can quickly decode work at every level, with no bias or blind spots, and no gaps. Even if systems and processes change across brands, business lines, and regions, FortressIQ provides continuous and comprehensive coverage so you can identify risks, optimize work, and focus on sustainable growth. Download the Solution Brief to learn more.

Traditionally, enterprises spend millions of dollars and often years on trying to find out how their business actually runs so they can make informed decisions. There has been no efficient and cost effective way to reach the DNA level of an organization to uncover detailed insights at scale, until now.

Is FortressIQ Right For You?

Reduce time-to-value on your RPA investment

Leverage your existing technology investments

Maximize workforce productivity

Reduce operating expenses

Optimize your business outcomes

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